Reasons Behind Your Low Energy Levels While Hitting the Gym

There are times where we go to the gym and end up sleeping in the corner, or you just don’t feel yourself at all. This is completely normal if it happens occasionally. However, if it happens every time you go to the gym, then that is a serious problem that needs to be addressed of. Having constantly low energy levels at the gym can negatively affect your training. So what are the reasons behind this?

  1. Lack of Sleep
  2. Probably the most obvious and common culprit of this is not getting enough sleep. Not only it affects your gym session, but lack of sleep also greatly affects your other day-to-day activities too. Lack of sleep can also result in a slow recovery process after hitting the gym. Your body uses tons of energy while exercising and the muscles are overly used during this time. The only way to restore these is to rest. But with inadequate sleep, you are giving your body a hard time to heal itself.

  3. Not Eating Enough
  4. Food acts as fuel for our bodies. So to jumpstart your day, it’s important to eat as much foods as you can to give your body its much-needed boost up. Not eating enough is also a reason why you have low energy levels at the gym. Most people have that mindset where not eating combined with workouts will result in faster weight loss, which is not true after all. If that is the case, you won’t have the energy to hit the gym in the first place. Think of our bodies like a car while the foods act as fuel. Without fuel, the car can’t run and will splutter along the way as it runs out of steam. The same thing happens to your body if you don’t eat. Lack of food is equal to lack of nutrients which will lead to energy loss as time goes by. So before hitting the gym, eat something that can make you feel satiated and energized.

  5. Overtraining
  6. A mistake that’s probably done by beginners is overtraining. Overtraining is where you train too much at the gym to the point it becomes detrimental to your physical and mental state. The reason why some people train too much is because they think that the more you train hard, the fast you gain. What they didn’t know is that getting enough rest and recovery is important too. Here are some signs that you are overtraining:
  7. You’re having a hard time sleeping at night.
  8. Losing motivation to continue your gym journey.
  9. Your gym performance suddenly stops.
  10. Immunity levels begin to decrease.
  11. You’re constantly experiencing aching and being sore more often.
  12. If you feel the signs listed above, then it’s time to give your body its much-needed rest. Two days of rest should be enough to re-energize your body. And lastly, it’s important to include rest days to your gym schedule. You can set this to weekends or whatever suits you.

  13. Dehydration
  14. Losing water is equal to losing electrolytes. Electrolytes are important for your muscles during a workout. If you get dehydrated, you will start experiencing low energy levels at the gym. That’s why staying hydrated by drinking enough fluids must be on top of your priority list. It’s also advisable to bring a bottle of water too when hitting the gym. Signs of not drinking enough water can be seen on the color of your urine. If your urine color is yellow, then drink more water! Energy drinks are also a good choice too, as well as fruit-flavored water.

At the end of the day, what’s important is to look after your health. Lack of rest? Sleep early. Not eating enough? Eat more foods and be sure to opt for whole grains and not the unhealthy processed ones. Making few changes to your lifestyle can really amp your energy levels at the gym, making your training sessions more enjoyable and fun.

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