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Foods to Eat Before and After Working Out

The foods you eat create a difference in your gym performance. The reason behind this is that different foods have an impact on your efforts in each training session. Below, we’re going to tackle on what foods to eat pre-workout and post-workout.


  • People that are on intermittent fasting like to exercise with an empty stomach. They often do this early in the morning before breakfast. It can be weird just thinking about it, wondering where they get their energy from while having an empty stomach. That’s why eating before working out is a must to fuel your body for those intense workout sessions.
  • Less Fat – There’s no denying healthy fat is good for you. However, eating them before working out is definitely not the best time to consume them. Fats are slow to digest, and instead of giving you energy, it’ll only make you feel sluggish throughout your session.
  • More Protein – If you want to build muscle, then consuming lots of protein should be your priority. Not only it helps on muscle growth, but it also aids on muscle recovery and growth too. So grab your diet list and put protein on the top.
  • Don’t Forget About Carbs – When consuming carbs, pay attention to what type of carbs you should eat. Some carbs are best eaten depending on your eating plan. Complex carbs are great if you’re doing longer hours of intense workouts. However, if you’re doing moderate exercises at shorter hours, then simple carbs are your best bet.

Foods to Eat 2-3 Hours Pre-Workout

  • Lean meat paired with veggies and brown rice is ideal during these hours. It’s a dish with a great balance of veggies, protein, and complex carbs. So basically, you get the nutrients of the trio in just a single dish. Complex carbs tend to release energy to your body slowly, so by the time you train; your body is now jam-packed with energy.

Foods to Eat 1-2 Hours Pre-Workout

  • Protein shake with fruits and veggies – This is the hour where protein shakes are best consumed. Bring your protein shake to the next level by adding fruits and veggies.
  • A bowl of oats – Get your healthy dose of carbs with a bowl of oats mixed in protein powder. You can also add honey to make it a bit sweeter. This meal can make you feel satiated and fueled throughout your gym session.

Foods to Eat 30 minutes to 1-hour Pre-Workout

  • Rice cakes with peanut butter – A delicious treat that contains just the right balance of carbs and protein.
  • Banana – Gym goers favorite fruit snack every pre-workout is definitely this one. It’s convenient and easy to grab and eat. It’s rich in potassium and natural sugars that are essential for your body.
  • Water – Keeping yourself hydrated is very important pre-workout. We lose water through sweating each time we work out, that’s why it’s important to drink up before exercising to store water inside our bodies.


  • Eating after workout helps restore depleted glycogen that is used during exercise. Eating also helps on muscle recovery too. Remember, choosing the right kinds of food is also important, and protein and complex carbs should always be on the list. Carbs for glycogen restoration, and protein for muscle recovery and buildup.

Meals to Eat Post-Workout

  • Greek yogurt, berries, and granola – Greek yogurt contains more protein compared to regular yogurt. Berries are rich in micronutrients which helps on muscle recovery, while granola gives you the carbs you need.
  • Pita bread and hummus – This two is a perfect match if you want that carb and protein combination. It’s also a great alternative for those who are on a meat-free diet.
  • Protein shake – It’s actually not necessary to drink protein shakes after workouts, but some people do it to quickly gain protein after each gym session.
  • Protein, veggies, and rice – Still confused about what to eat post-workout? Then look no further with this dish. Mentioned earlier in the pre-workout section, this meal also works great for post-workout too.

One last thing

  • No matter what kinds of food you put into your body, the most important part of your diet is to keep yourself hydrated at all times. So don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you every time you work out.

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