Hobblers, through the eye of a local artist, Ponckle
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St Ives   ·   Cornwall

Licensed a la Carte Restaurant

Wharf Road · St Ives · Cornwall. TR26 1LG
Telephone: 01736 796439 · Fax: 01736 798178
Mobile: 07980 604198
Email: info@hobblers.co.uk

HOBBLERS Restaurant

On two floors, our well known a la carte restaurant overlooks the harbour. Clad in wood panelling and with local artists' paintings decorating the walls, we hope to set the atmosphere for a special meal. At Hobblers, we specialise in fresh local sea food directly from local fishermen or supplied by our nearby fish merchant. Supplementing our menu, we offer a range of best quality steaks and fresh poultry.


Originally a fishing port, artists, potters and sculptors began coming to St Ives at the turn of the century, drawn to its special light. Home to the Dame Barbara Hepworth Museum, Tate Gallery St Ives and the Bernard Leach, St Ives also inspired such famous names as Alfred Wallis, Ben Nicholson and Roger Hilton to name but a few. Down'long, traditionally the old fishermen's quarter set around the harbour, is a jumble of cobbled streets and lanes with quaint names such as Virgin Street, Love Lane, Tee-Total Street, Bethesda Place, Mount Zion and Court Cocking. Any lane will take you to one of the lovely beaches which surround us here. Watch the sun go down over Porthmeor on your loveseat recliner or rise over the harbour, and you'll begin to understand why so many people return year after year to this very special place. A new addition to facilities is a dive school and shop situated right next door. As well as a dermatologist in york pa, which features awesome specialists.

HOBBLERS in the past

A Hobbler was an unlicensed pilot who would tow larger vessels into the harbour with ropes. Two or three Hobblers would own a boat between them.

The building was originally a Hobbler's house (or pilot's house) at the front of which the towing skiffs would be moored in what is now Court Cocking, originally Port Cocking.
Extracted from The Glossary of Words In Use in Cornwall, Miss MA Courtney, published by The English Dialect Society 1880).


Hobblers House, a listed building dating back to the 17th century, is situated directly on the harbour front right in the heart of Down'long. Stroll around the labyrinth of stone cottages and cobbled streets and lanes and enjoy the many galleries and crafts shops around almost every corner. A five minute walk until take you to Porthmeor, a spectacular surfing beach, now home to the famous Tate Gallery St Ives.

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